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For All West Ham Fans
Rules Of The Game:

1. All entrants must be following Hammers Polls and be able to send a direct message.

2. Entrants will send a question via DM to Hammers Polls with up to 4 possible options.

3. Entrants questions will be published on a Saturday.

4. The questions will be active for 1 hour.

5. The aim is to collect as many votes as possible.

6. All questions will be West Ham related.

7. Players can submit multiple questions but only the question with the most votes on the day will be registered.

8. Entrants can submit questions every week to try and better their previous score.

9. Winner will be the one who registers the most votes for a single question and not a cumulative score of each question.

10. Competition closes on Saturday 3rd January 2022